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Shelly Berlin
Strategist. Confidante. Plate Spinner.
Shelly Berlin is a founding and managing partner of Berlineaton. You can often find her balancing dinnerware in the air while typing with her free hand. She enjoys the fast pace and nature of management consulting, along with applying the skills she gained at Disney, Andersen Consulting, and Price Waterhouse.
NWAIS Institutional Leadership Conference
We had the opportunity to attend and speak at the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS) Institutional Leadership Conference in Seattle (November 8-9, 2014).

In our workshop with an enthusiastic group of Heads of Schools and Chairs of Boards, we explored the topic of going beyond the 'glossy brochure' -- how strategic planning can create real change in their organizations.         

Many Boards and senior management teams spend countless hours developing their strategic plans – which lay out, often in beautiful, glossy brochures, the strategic direction for their schools.  It is unveiled to the school community – everyone is thrilled and excited about the future. However, this does not, in any way, guarantee that this future will be realized. Why?  Because it is significantly harder to execute a strategic plan than it is to develop one.

There is a  certain ‘stick-with-it-ness’ that is required, and a lot of sharing, collaboration, measuring and quite frankly, discipline. When it all comes together, it is a like a horse – moving from a trot to a gallop – things feel less choppy, there is a smoothness, a ‘wind-in-your-hair’ feeling, a swiftness, and a great sense of satisfaction seeing milestones flying by. And when it is really well executed  – everyone is on board – you look around, and not only is there one horse galloping, but in fact there is a team of horses around you, galloping in the same direction.

This sense of momentum – when everyone is pursuing their part in achieving the same goals – this is a strategically aligned culture. When you have achieved this, the world truly is full of possibilities.

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