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Ashka Wirk
Architect. Builder. Chrystal Gazer
Ashka is a management consultant focussed in Berlineaton's strategy practice. Ashka also is an experienced private sector leader, with an extensive background in the health care and biotechnology fields. She worked with the management consulting subsidiary of StemCell Technologies in Vancouver for eight years, and led the company through years of unprecedented growth as its CEO from 2008 to 2012. She draws upon her breadth of experience and passion for business strategy to help Berlineaton clients develop blueprints to build bolder futures for their organizations.
Lilith 400 Young Leaders Program
Berlineaton co-founding partner Shelly Berlin and senior consultant Ashka Wirk had the opportunity to share their insights on leadership and career development with a group of highly motivated emerging female leaders at the Lilith 400 Young Leaders Program in Squamish (August 11-16, 2015). Shelly and Ashka joined MP Elizabeth May, Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps, along with several other influential female professionals and subject matter experts to speak at this innovative event. The speakers engaged the young leaders to explore their personal potential and pave the way for bold career strategies.

In her workshop, Shelly explored the topic of creating a personal strategic plan. Shelly outlined how each participant can develop her plan by creating a personalized road map to guide her to reach an important educational or career goal. Through vision, concrete milestones, short-term tasks, and personal accountability, a personal strategic plan is an effective tool which helps to focus an individual on what is required to reach their goals.

Ashka worked with the young women to help them build personal presence, including within the context of developing strong interview skills, as well as building a powerful resume. The development of a personal presence, through what you do, what you say, and how you say it, is instrumental for emerging leaders looking to influence and inspire others.

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