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Thinking Out Loud...     
Berlineaton team members and guest bloggers share our thoughts on bold strategy development and execution, continuous improvement, leadership, and courageous endeavours. We invite you to read on and join the conversation.
Co-Op Education: Is it as good as it should be? 70% say 'No'
Richard Eaton
"Social, economic, and historic forces are making cooperative education more relevant than...
Awesome and Awkward: The Tale of Two Continuous Improvement Projects
Richard Eaton
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Charles Dickens Berlineaton has...
5 Lessons We Have Learned from Delivering Open Space Conferences - A Fast and Effective Way to Truly Engage Your Stakeholders and Tackle Your Organization's Most Important Issues
Ashka Wirk
Does your organization have a complex, important – even urgent – question, issue, or opportunity...
The Invisible Chain of Command: What it Really Takes to Get Things Done Around Here
Richard Eaton
“We are moving from a chain of command to a web of connection, from competition to collaboration,...
Cut 50% of the Steps, Keep 100% of the People
Richard Eaton
“Simplicity is nature’s first step, and the last of art.” Philip James Bailey During...
How We Built Our 20 Year Brand – Six Lessons to Help You Build Yours
Shelly Berlin
It was the early spring of 1996.  Richard Eaton and I had just left secure employment...
Create Your Personal Strategic Plan in Six Steps
Ashka Wirk
Many of us are guided by the vision, mission, goals and strategic priorities of a strategic...
Five Things Sawmills Taught Me About Continuous Improvement
Richard Eaton
“I envy the woodcutter because, at the end of the day, he can see the results of his labours’–...
Are You As Good a Leader As a Fifth Grader?
Richard Eaton
“It is high time the ideal of success should be replaced with the ideal of service.” ...
Successful Executive Coaching Engagements in Six Steps
Shelly Berlin
In earlier blog posts, I’ve written about the characteristics, (Seven Characteristics...
How Competent Does Your Executive Coach Need to Be?
Shelly Berlin
In a recent blog post, Seven Characteristics of an Effective Executive Coach, I wrote...
Seven Characteristics of an Effective Executive Coach
Shelly Berlin
In a previous blog post, What is Executive Coaching?, I wrote about the difference...
Six Principles of Successful Executive Coaching
Shelly Berlin
In previous blog posts, I have written about the characteristics (Seven Characteristics...
What is Executive Coaching?
Shelly Berlin
People often use the terms ‘coaching’ and ‘executive coaching’ interchangeably for...
Four Lessons Learned During My First Continuous Improvement Project
Norma Glendinning
In 2008, I was an Assistant Auditor General of Performance Audit within the BC Office of the...
Honouring 20,000 Voices: Summiting North America's Third Highest Peak
Richard Eaton
The best way to successfully climb big mountains is slowly, and at night. If this conjures...
20 Years - 20,000 voices - 20,000 feet
Richard Eaton
"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves" - Sir Edmund Hillary  Shelly and...
Creativity is a Lifestyle
Guest Blogger
Daniela Cubelic was a guest speaker at the inaugural offering of The Innovator's Mind, an innovative...
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